Perfume and Personalities

Perfume and Personalities

It’s a no-brainer that a person, man or woman, wears a perfume that somewhat suits his or her personality. While some men might prefer something rustic, others might prefer a scent that is more ravishing and robust. And when it comes to the gals, there are about ten different perfume personality types that we can name – from subtle florals to bold fougeres / greens, from chypre for the glamorous, sophisticated, and powerful to citrus for the bright, happy optimists. 

And it’s not just about one’s personality but also one’s mood that determines which scent he or she is going to wear that day or night to invoke the senses.  

People love perfumes, and most of them have their favourites. While most are loyal to one brand, designer or not, people don’t mind trying one from a different creator altogether. There is enough interesting research that associates the choice of perfume with one’s personality.  

Fun Fact: Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation have tested over 18,000 people and analysed the preferences of aroma and fragrances of the participants.  

This is also of great interest to the perfume industry and individuals alike, considering that it is easy to understand someone if we know what they prefer. 

The perfume you wear can show off your personality type; whether you’re out on a date or with your gal pals for lunch, one can smell the individual’s perfume or cologne and guess their personality.   

So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a "whiff-y" dive into the art of aroma selection!           

Love a lemony fragrance or a citrus scent? You’re a born leader!  

If so, you would most often be choosing citrus-based fragrances. Those who choose these perfumes are strong-minded, ambitious leaders – dominant and aggressive. They wear their choice, which comes out distinct and noticeable.  

Prefer a rose perfume (floral scents)? You are controlled and sensitive. 

These are people who don’t act on their emotions and impulses. They are calm, controlled, and don’t agonize over issues, but can go from a soft and steady businesswoman in the day to a sexy, sultry superwoman dancing into the night!  

If it’s lavender, you must love networking …  

Those wearing lavender-scented perfumes usually have a large, yet close-knit, circle of friends. They are easygoing and get along with most people; they value friendships and work well when part of a team. When it comes to their closest pals, they never fail to surprise them on their birthdays and anniversaries. These are the ones who can always cheer someone up during their times of crisis. 

Fans of vanilla aren’t so vanilla after all!      

If you are thinking of  those who love vanilla as generic and flat, research has proved just the opposite. Those who love vanilla are lively, energetic and love life. They’re very fun loving and often the one person that everyone waits for, to get the party started. They love dancing, drinking, meeting people, and socializing. Come the weekend, and they’ll be the belle of the ball—the buzz in town—painting it all shades of red! 

Fun Fact: Remember beloved Joey from Friends trying to work the perfume section in Season 1? Well, in case you weren’t aware, that perfume was TOM FORD’S HOLY GRAIL SCENT – OMBRE LEATHER – hence the popular and unforgettable "Ombre for men!" dialogue that Joey would repeat before running behind unsuspecting customers!  

Sandalwood? Nothing stands in your way of being an overachiever.

If you prefer sandalwood, you’re invariably a total perfectionist. You are hard on yourself – the biggest critic of your own life. You are a type-A personality who can excel through tremendous effort in both your life and career. You are also offended by physical remarks and are sensitive and quick to misinterpret seemingly harmless remarks made by others. We say, spray on your favourite perfume, relax, and take it easy. 

Love fruity fragrances? You’re as sweet and wholesome as one!  

One would often think those who love fruity perfumes often like to dance on a tropical island. And it’s true! So if you love the smell of berries, apples, or tropical fruits, it’s time for a trip to a tropical beach destination! White sands, the sea, and the sun are your definition of unlimited fun! Go, embrace the world with your fruity fragrance, of course, and perhaps also a pineapple pina colada!

Prefer coconut? You’re looking for stylish designer labels!

You will know a coconut fan when you see one as he or she dresses like a style icon with designer dresses, expensive jewelry and all! They prefer labels, precious gems, and anything extravagant and expensive. They love the attention and the admirers, and they will never miss a chance to shine in the spotlight.

Wear gardenia? Invariably, you are like a rock!

If you love the smell of gardenia, you are steady and dependable and as delicate as a flower. You love safe, secure relationships. You are more of a follower than a leader. You love frequent interactions and stability, and you maintain friendships for decades, not losing touch with people. You are often the person people call first when they need advice or solace; you are their rock in any situation!  

Now that you know the various parfum permutations, it's time to choose a personality and a scent to go along with it that encompasses and exudes the true dashing dapper or dazzling diva you are!